Ceremonial Massage

The Wise Womb Ceremonial Massage, also known as a Womb (Matriz) Sobada, is a heart-centered bodywork healing session, focusing on Breast, Abdominal, Ovarian, and Womb and/or full body massage, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of women's health, infusing plant spirit medicine, energy healing, sound, and breathwork with a focus on Traditional Mexican Medicine.


Matriz Sobada (Womb Massage) is helpful for: 


- Fertility 


- Digestive issues


- Fibroid, Cysts, Endometriosis


- Reproductive Self Care


- Painful, absent or irregular periods


- Miscarriage


- Postpartum 


- Emotional + Spiritual Support


-Moving/ Releasing stagnant energy


-Grounding and rooting into your body


- Connecting to the beautiful and ancient wisdom of your womb

and more...




For centuries indigenous women...


in Mexico and in many other cultures knew womb is the doorway to divine connection between spirit and earth, as it is the sacred passageway where all human life and creation comes from..within it holding the remembrance of our ancestors who have come before us and for the generations to come after us. This intimate connection is also where women house their energy, and is honored and nurtured, creating a deeper relationship to your intuition, body, heart, earth and ancestral lineage.

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Who is this for?

The Wise Womb Massage is a ceremonial passage rite for all humans. It is for all who want to connect to the ancient wisdom of their womb + heart on a spiritual and physical level, tapping into her place of power, rooted in her body and the earth. You don not have to have a womb to recieve this session. The womb moves in and out of optimal positioning, which affects our hormones, fertility, menstrual cycle, emotional, mental, and physical health. This is for all who want to move through conscious or unconscious blocks, emotional, spiritual, or physical pain held in the womb, heart, belly, and lower back. The Wise Womb massage is also helpful for fertility, postpartum, painful periods, cysts, fibroids and more. See chart, "Symptoms of a Displaced Womb" for in-depth visual.  



What happens in a session?

Each session is custom to each individual depending on the energy present in the moment or physical concerns.  Each session opens with grounding into the body through different methods that may include, drumming, sound, plant brushing, breathwork, guided grounding meditation, followed by a heart-opening breast massage (optional). The focus is the Abdominal, Belly, Ovarian, and Womb external massage, and full body if time, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of her health, infusing energy healing (reiki), sound, and breathwork.

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Art by @luizaguedes.ilustra


"One of the most incredible healing experiences I've ever received! Sam's angelic voice, really took me places and her touch was magical. Everything from the shamanic drumming in my womb, to the powerfully, heart-opening breast massage, I was in a deeply grounded bliss the entire time. I was feeling a lot of stuckness prior to my session. The next morning, woke up feeling there had been a huge shift and was flooded with creative inspiration again. I'm adding this to my non-negotiable self-care practices." Hannah Grasso   



"What an experience it is to be touched by Sam's sweet & loving hands. Sam created such a beautiful space, so soft and sacred for healing. The work itself was wonderfully heart-felt and I feel a deep sense of peace within. Thank you Sam," Ayla Alegra

About your Womb Guide Sam Rea 


Welcome, beloved Womxn! My name is Sam Rea and I am a Wise Womb massage practitioner. It is an honor to hold a safe space for Womxn to receive ceremonial bodywork. It is the same work my ancestors did and I am proud to share healing practices from my Mexican Lineage infusing the Wise Womb Way. To be met in presence, and honored through pure love, It is with deep reverence to be in service to the sacred feminine, supporting women to feel deeply embodied, empowered, and connected to the creative wisdom inside of her womb, the earth, and her body. I first began this work when I gave birth to my daughter and noticed how the womb was not being honored as the sacred portal of creation in the Obgyn's offices of western medicine. As I grew my child in my womb and finally gave birth to her, it wasn't truly until after birth that I actually began to notice my womb and feel her during my painful postpartum recovery. As my personal womb journey is still unraveling, I have felt profound shifts in my personal life on an energetic and physical level, as I continue to connect, root, and heal this place of power within my sacred center. It is my honor to be a pillar of support to my sisters and support womxn on her personal and sacred womb journey. 

More From Founder of the Wise Womb Medicine Path , Naomi Love.



“The womb is a hollow, suspensory, detoxification organ that moves in and out of optimal alignment. Located in the center of the female pelvis, for men this place is called the Hara. The Womb moves in order to expand and contract with the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. Because the womb is a suspensory organ and held in place by ligaments, it can become displaced from her optimal position, and if the womb isn’t in optimal position, it and other related systems of energy flow won’t get the nourishment they need to be in their full divine expression, as organs and as collaborative systems. This means our body will not be functioning at its peak potential.


WWMP address all factors of womb health – first with the physical placement or position of the womb and how it is affecting the ligaments, muscles, systems of flow and impact hormone levels.

Things such as difficult pregnancies, poor digestion, systemic inflammation, malnutrition, injuries to the pelvis as well as excessive exercise while menstruating all can attribute to a displaced womb.


Some of the symptoms of a displaced womb include PMS, pelvic pain, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PCOS, constipation, cramping, cycle pain, dark blood clots, ovulation pain, low back pain, lethargy, chronic miscarriages, depression and anxiety.

On an emotional level we address symptoms such as if there are feelings of a sense of isolation, sadness and ultimately disconnection, trauma, heartbreak, and loss.

On an energetic/spiritual level by reconnecting women make to the womb as their center – they are reconnected to their place of creativity, connection to the earth and ancestral lineage.


The holistic healing system supports navigating the inner worlds of the womb as a hollow detoxification organ holds our wounds, our sexual experiences and the storage center of our deepest fears and shame.


It is often the place we keep experiences we don’t want to see or feel, as well as our deepest denials, and we move through a process of “Inner Alchemy” to heal, and integrate these experiences and feelings.

A huge part of our holistic approach, is the use of Wise Womb Massage to focus on the breath, breasts and womb. Massaging through the abdomen to gently coax the womb into optimal position. Wise Womb Massage is specific for women suffering from any symptoms associated with their menstrual cycle and digestive health, it is also indicated for fertility issues, and is a great support for fertility treatments, IUI, IVF. WWM is also indicated for miscarriages as well as post abortion care . This work also supports all stages of pregnancy as we gently coax the womb into optimal position for ease of carrying and ease of childbirth. We also support postpartum momma’s with our wise womb massage to knit the mother back together, to reintegrate and when ready to reclaim the womb space post child birth.

The womb is not specific to just women as we all come from the womb, it is the portal to and from creation. For trans folks we work with cultivating an energetic womb for those that weren’t born with one and for those that have lost theirs we work with the spirit of the womb." Naomi Love, founder of the Wise Womb Medicine Path.