Ceremonial Womb Healing & Massage

The Wise Womb healing session with Sam Rea, is a heart-centered bodywork ceremonial healing session, focusing on Breast, Abdominal, Ovarian, and Womb and/or full body massage or vaginal steaming addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of women's health, infusing plant spirit medicine, energy healing, sound, and breath work with a focus on Traditional Mexican Medicine in the Wise Womb Way. Sessions are available in Topanga Canyon, Ca or in the comfort of your own home.

All sessions are customized for your specific needs. 

Womb Sessions are supportive for...

- Painful, absent or irregular periods


- Postpartum healing

- Fertility


-Cycle Tracking 

- Digestive issues 

- PMS, PCOS, PMDD, Vulvodynia

-Frequent Urination/ incontinence 

-Painful intercourse


-Vaginal Dryness

- Fibroid, Cysts, Endometriosis

- Breaks up Scar tissue


- Pelvic or Ovarian Pain

- Reproductive Self Care


- Hysterectomy 

- Miscarriage

- Emotional + Spiritual Support

- Moving/ Releasing stagnant energy

- Grounding and rooting into your body


-Feeling safe and secure in your body




-Nervous system calming

- Connecting to the beautiful and ancient wisdom of your womb, body, intuition 
and more...

In Person or Online Womb Healing Package

Receive custom support with in-person weekly womb massage, energy healing, and embodiment sessions for a six week package created for your specific needs. Includes daily support outside of sessions via whats app M-F.


Rewire subconscious beliefs that may be stored in your womb and creating imbalance in your life and body.  Embody your womb energy, connect with your body, and balance your feminine cycles.

Sessions May include:

-Womb Massage

-Vaginal Steaming

-Working with Herbal Medicine

-Womb Meditation Journey

-Cycle Tracking

-Plant Brushing

-Vaginal compress

-Womb Clay Healing

-Herbal Womb Oils

-Womb Warming

-Subconscious womb healing techniques 



$2,222 payed in full


Payment plan of $389 per session for six weeks.

About your Womb Healing Practitioner: 
Sam Rea
Welcome beloved,  My name is Sam Rea and I am a Wise Womb Massage Practitioner with a focus on Traditional Mexican Medicine. I carry the lineage of my Rarámuri ancestors and incorporate traditional medicine in my sessions. It is an honor to hold a safe space for you to receive ceremonial bodywork. To be met in presence, and honored through pure love, It is with deep reverence to be in service to the sacred feminine, supporting you to feel deeply embodied, empowered, and connected to the creative wisdom inside your womb, body, and the earth. I first began this work when I gave birth to my daughter and noticed how the womb was not being honored with gentle care as the sacred portal of creation in the Obgyn's offices of western medicine. As I grew my child in my womb and finally gave birth to baby Zendyah, it wasn't truly until after my birth that I actually began to notice my womb and feel my womb during my painful postpartum recovery. Living through chronic body pain postpartum, I have felt profound shifts in my personal life on an energetic and physical level, as I continue to connect, root, and heal this place of power within my sacred center. It is my honor to be a pillar of support to my sisters and support you on your personal and sacred womb journey. 


Wise Womb Medicine Path

Indigescuela A Cerrar las Caderas: Traditional Mexican Medicine Postpartum Healing

Advanced School of Massage Therapy

All sessions are customized for your specific need and available in Topanga Canyon, Ca or in the comfort of your own home.
What others are saying...

"Working with sam has helped me feel relief from my period and also feel connected and balanced in my cycle, and uterus. My fibroids have gotten smaller and I'm not as moody around the time I bleed."

Jessica Flores

"I have been searching for this kind of healing for a long time. For the first time in my life, I no longer feel disconnected to my womb and I no longer pee my pants when I run. My mood is better and my hormones are not as unpredicable as before." Vicky Flores 

"What an experience it is to be touched by Sam's sweet & loving hands. Sam created such a beautiful space, so soft and sacred for healing. The work itself was wonderfully heart-felt and I feel a deep sense of peace within. Thank you Sam," Ayla Alegra

What others are saying...

One of the most incredible healing experiences I've ever received! Sam's angelic voice, really took me places and her touch was magical. Everything from the shamanic drumming in my womb, to the powerfully, heart-opening breast massage, I was in a deeply grounded bliss the entire time. I was feeling a lot of stuckness prior to my session. The next morning, woke up feeling there had been a huge shift and was flooded with creative inspiration again. I'm adding this to my non-negotiable self-care practices." Hannah Grasso