Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Earth keepers, light workers, wisdom seekers, yogis, artists, green witches..whatever name you resonate with it’s all love and you are seen. Healing the witch wound is a common/ touchy topic in a lot of communities. Even for me, It feels like a lot of responsibility to call one self a “green witch” or sense the box that comes with the title.. but truthfully green witches are just intuitive wise women or men in connections with themselves and the earth...honoring cycles, In connection to the intuitive voice that is your true self or guides...journeying with plants in deep listening.. I can go on and on on different versions of what it can be, it’s different for everyone. Feeling like now more than ever is the time to fully live in alignment with my true nature and it looks like making more art, dancing just because, drinking my herbal infusions, continue to go into deep listening.. and CREATE from that place that is ❤️. Here’s some pics from one of my favorite shoots with Elliot. Instagram: @elliottnorwood_ I loved creating with this human. We sort of just went into the wilderness with somewhat of a plan to just play and explore with the earth, trusting that the images that wanted to come through will. Just like real life.. I'm learning to trust my path sensing that things begin to flow when I am in alignment with my true nature or what makes my heart sing. I know we all are. Just be. C R E A T E nutrition for your soul. S P E A K your truth. S I N G your song. Let your body be B R E A T H E D. Everything you need is already here.

  Journal of Earth