Photographed by Carissa Mosely 

A Journey into your Primal Feminine 

Amba is a practice in which women are guided,

through movement, to remember their true essence, tap into their inner truth, and fall in love with themselves. The practice includes a range of movement from fluid and sensuous to strong and earthen.


"In Amba, you are guided to honor your nature by moving the way nature moves. We work with non-linear forms of movement, the elements, and cycles of nature in order to bring women into a more grounded and expansive relationship with themselves and the earth. Women in Amba learn to move out of pure enjoyment rather than performance and root into their power as the CREATRESS of their own lives," Founder, Meghan Makena.

Elements of an Amba Movement Class/Session include

- feminine movement
- empowered strength
- breathing
- free dancing
- guided deep nourishment meditation - closing circle

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 What happens in sessions/classes?

Each class or session begins with an opening circle to ground through breathwork, gentle meditation opening, body awakening, or self-massage. In Amba, you are guided through a movement journey that embodies the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and space, exploring all 3 aspects of the feminine: "sacred feminine (your essence), wild feminine (your body) and loved feminine (your receptive heart)", Founder Meghan Makena. Each class embraces fluid movement infused with feminine yoga, partner exercise, sound, touch, free form dance, earth grounding, deep nourishment, and sharing circleThe class flow is customized depending on the women gathering, special event themes, and energetic phases of the present moment. We end with a closing circle where there is time to journal or share inspiration, emotions, or experiences that came through during our time together.    

Who is it for?

This for Womxn who wants to feel more alive and nourished, deepening her connection to her body, essence, and primal feminine. Amba classes are also available for 1:1 session's, private group gatherings, and workshops throughout Los Angeles, Ca.








How to Join?

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Photographed by Carissa Mosely