Photo by Carissa Mosely

Sam Rea is Co-Creatrix of the Yoni Temple School, a Wise Womb Medicine Path Practitioner, and Amba Movement Women's  Embodiment Guide focusing on Empowerment for Womxn through Heart, Womb, Earth-Centered Healings and Practices Located in Los Angeles, CA. 

"Welcome, beloved Womxn! My name is Sam Rea and it is an honor to hold a safe space for you to receive more of yourself. To be met in presence, and honored through pure love, It is with deep reverence to be in service to the sacred feminine, supporting Women to feel deeply embodied, empowered, and connected to the creative wisdom inside of her womb, the earth, and her body. It is my honor to be a pillar of support to YOU, my sisters on your sacred womb and embodied primal feminine journey." Sam Rea


Photo by Carissa Mosely

Sam Rea is a Wise Womb Massage Practitioner focusing on Plant Spirit Medicine, infusing Integrative Shakti Reiki, Energy, Sound Healing, and Movement from Amba Women's School of Embodiment. Born into her Mexican lineage, she first began practicing Latino Herbalism in Costa Rica and Curanderismo practices passed on from her Family in Mexico. A graduate of the Wise Womb Medicine Path, The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, and Amba Women’s School of Embodiment, she shares her passion through ancestral, earth-based healing sessions, holding sacred space for Women through Abdominal/Womb Massage and Embodied Movement sessions in Old Town Calabasas, Califonia. Sam Rea crafts Plant Spirit Medicine Oils used specifically during healing sessions that are sustainably created, using the Wise Womb tradition, only using ethically harvested, organic herbs and ingredients. Sam Rea is currently a mentor for the students of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, hosting Plant Spirit Meditations and herbal workshops on behalf of the Gaia School. Her life's sacred work was birthed the same year she birthed her daughter. 

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Photo by Marysia Miernowska during the Gaia School of Healing apprenticeship