Ancestral Womb Healing

Re-connect with your womb, your ancestry, and whole body, earth connection. 

"One of the most incredible healing experiences I've ever received! Sam's angelic voice, really took me places and her touch was magical. Everything from the shamanic drumming in my womb, to the powerfully, heart-opening breast massage, I was in a deeply grounded bliss the entire time. I was feeling a lot of stuckness prior to my session. The next morning, woke up feeling there had been a huge shift and was flooded with creative inspiration again. I'm adding this to my non-negotiable self-care practices." -Hannah


This work is for you if...

-You experience painful period cramps, or missing menstrual cycles


-Would like to reawaken the beautiful & ancient wisdom within your womb, body, and the earth.

-Ready to move and release stagnant energy, creating space for more flow and life force.

-Reconnect to your body, power, creativity, pleasure, + balance your feminine cycles in a loving way.  

-Trying to concieve or recovering postpardum

-Create a deeper relationship to your intuition, and heal your ancestral lineage. 


About Sam Rea

Sam Rea is a Wise Womb Massage Practitioner with a focus on honoring Traditional Mexican Medicine and Curandismo practices passed on to her through her Mexican ancestral lineage. With her backround in Plant Spirit Medicine and Amba Movement, she infuses both earth-centered practices during her healing sessions, holding space for womxn to reawaken and reconnect to the wisdom of their womb and whole body, earth connection.   

Earthess Herbs & Healing  Mission

Earthess Herbs & Healing helps houndreds of Womxn reconnect to their womb, body, power, creativity, and pleasure, + supporting the balance of their feminine cycles in a nurturing, supportive, and loving way. The womb is the doorway to divine connection between spirit and earth, as it is the sacred passageway where all human life and creation comes from..within it holding the remembrance of our ancestors who have come before us and for the generations to come after us. This intimate connection is honored and nurtured, creating a deeper relationship to your intuition, body, heart, and ancestral lineage. Through in-person ceremonial wise womb massage sessions, online womb healing & embodiement virutal sessions, pre-recorded or live distance workshops, and plant spirit medicine herbal products, Earthess Herbs & Healing sets the intention to help support your life-long deepening connection to your ancestral womb, body, earth, spirit, and heart.


Work With Sam Rea

Remote Sessions

1:1 and group sessions online on zoom

-Wise Womb Medicine Journey Connection


-Guided Wise Womb Massage + Womb

Embodiement education

-Distance Shakti Reiki Energy Healing 

-Amba Movement and earth body resonance connection


In-Person Sessions

In-person 1:1 or group session

-Ceremonial Wise Womb Massage 


-Womb Connection Medicine Drum Journey

-Shakti Reiki Energy Healing 

-Amba Movement: rewilding the animal body


-Angelic Realm Sound Healing Journey


-Plant Spirit Medicine Herb Journey  

-Plant Spirit Medicine Making Workshop


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